Northstar (Kolkata), February 2012:  „Christian Nošon was praised by the audience for his Sitar playing.“

Saptahik Bartaman (Kolkata), 8.1.2011:  “He played Jaijawanti and Mishra Pilu in the style of the Bishnupur Gharana. Christian showed complete devotion to Indian classical music.”

Rajasthan Patrika (Jodhpur), 28.11.2010:  “The performance of Christian Nošon from Germany and Ustad Khadim Hussain Khan from Baroda enthralled the audience in the
Japa Mahal of Mehrangarh ... The deep impression the Sitar adept from Germany left on the audience still lingered for quite some time.”

Hindol Majumdar and Christian No?on at the Glanzlichter Festival Projekt Natur und Fotographie, 22.5.2009: “Accompanying the five elements of buddhism water, earth, fire, air and ether Christian Nošon and the Indian Hindol Majumdar enthused the audience ... with their solos on Sitar and Tabla.
‘Konzert aus Asien’ conveyed an acoustic treat for the senses and relaxation for the soul.”

Meller Kreisblatt, 7.5.2009:  “solos of sensitive virtuosity”

Sanjib Pal and Christian Nošon performing at the press conference for the Festival of India Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten, 16.5.2008: “The attunement couldn't have been more perfect. The sitarplayer Christian Nošon and Sanjib Pal on the two Tabla handdrums preluded the press conference for the scheduled ‘Festival of India 2008’ with a raga, the Indian classical piece of music. Just music, and India is at home in Potsdam at once.”

Klaus Wessels and Christian Nošon
photo: Gerhard Breier
Kieler Nachrichten, 3.5.2005: “Christian and Klaus, having immersed themselves deeply into the depths of the ancient Northindian classical music tradition, delivered insight into the high art of raga (melody) and tala (rhythm).
The changing airs of the sitar were prancing full of splendour above the voluminous, earth-bound sound of the tabla. The strict music system demands a certain spirituality, a good technique,a lot of discipline as well and thus allows for the good interaction. Christian and Klaus were convincing the listeners with their astoundingly authentic interpretations.”

Kieler Nachrichten, 18.3.2000: “Fascinating foreign soundscape. Those who thought that the interpretation of classical Indian music on the original string instrument would be confined to Indians were disabused of this notion. The ambitious sitarplayer Christian proved musicality, proficiency and empathy.”

Eckernf÷rder Zeitung, 18.3.2000: “This ‘Indian evening’ offered relaxation as well as musical pleasure.”

RBB Kulturradio, 8.7.2007: from the serial “Klassik fŘr Kinder”:
Feature about the Sitar with Christian Nošon and Laura Patchen
by Marylin Veber.

Business Economics, 1.-15.7.2013:
Interview by Abhijit Ganguly (pdf text, English)

count2three - Indo-German documentary project, 25.1.2012:
Interview by Rita Orschiedt (video, German)

Facing Kolkata - portrait of a city, 4.12.2011:
Interview by Michael Dommel (text, German)