Pandit Subroto Roy Chowdhury, Berlin / 11.7.2005:
“ Christian has taken intensive Sitar Indian Classical music lessons from me here and in India. He plays with sincerity and depth, and ranks among the competent sitar players of this country.”

Collaborations with:

Rainer Thielmann (2011)
Ninaad Culture Center (2010)
Elfic Circle (2010)
Anubhab Academy (2010)
Matthieu Rossez (2009)
Lautmaler (2009)
Peter Bayreuther (2009)
The Drums & Tabla Connection (2009)
Ginger Mackenzie (2007)
Kian Lee (2005)
Christian Noçon at the Festival of India (Potsdam, 2008)